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Do you use Xero?

Do you use Xero?

If you use Xero as your accounts package, are UK based and would be happy to help test our pre-approved integration, please click on the logo to the left. Thanks.

B2B Debt Collection Online

Standard agency practice is to add commission on top of the debt, and if they are successful in collecting that from your debtor* you could receive the entire outstanding balance... no charge.

Simply sign-up using your accounts package or social media login, complete your company information then add your debtor along with the overdue invoice details. We then match you to a vetted debt collection agency.

DebtCase is making debt collection a viable option again and potentially FREE*.

How does it work

Connect to DebtCaseThe first step is to connect one of your social media accounts to DebtCase. This allows us to automatically fill in your information and speeds up the login process as you don't have to remember any more passwords.

Confirm your company detailsThe next step is to complete and confirm your company information, including your address and contact details. Please ensure these are correct because our collection agencies will use these details in all correspondence with your debtor.

Select your debtor and invoice detailsNext you need to tell us about your debtor. Enter their address and contact details along with basic information regarding the overdue invoice. Please check these before proceeding as incorrect information may hinder the collection process.

Accept the Debt Collection Agency offerWe now match your debtor to one of our debt collection agencies, based on the age and value. The best commission rate will be displayed and all you have to do is upload any relevant documentation, such as a copy invoice, then click confirm.

Stay informed of all updatesOnce your debt is accepted you'll receive real-time updates from the debt collection agency on everything they do. You will be notified by email whenever there is an update and you can find out more by simply logging back into DebtCase.

Ready to submit your first overdue invoice?

It really is this simple. Get your debtor information to hand then click on your preferred accounts package or social media from the ones below.

Follow the instructions, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds to connect, then you're ready to start the debt collection process.

Frequently asked questions

We know using a new online service can be daunting and you probably have more questions about how DebtCase works and the processes involved.  That's why we've put together this FAQ section, covering the most common debt collection questions we get asked to hopefully put your mind at rest and help you post your first overdue invoice through us.

DebtCase is completely free to use. Plus most of our agencies operate a “no collection, no fee” policy so you’ve got nothing to lose.

The only costs involved will be if the collection agency are successful in collecting your debt, but are unsuccessful in collecting their commission from your debtor (see the question below) in which case you’d have to pay that.

Also, if the agency deem your overdue will be difficult to collect, based on the amount and/or age, they may add an upfront fee to cover their time, which is only fair.

Their commission is classed as “acceptable costs & interest” and therefore can be claimed back from your debtor. For example, if the outstanding balance was £1,000 and the agency offers you a rate of 10%, then your debtor would be liable for £1,100.

This way you could receive the entire £1,000 without having to pay the collection agency, or us, a penny as our fees are covered by the agency.

We find this the quickest and easiest way for clients to sign-up as we can collect your basic information, such as name and email address, from most social media sites.

Plus that’s one less password to remember.

When you connect your social media account we only access what’s needed to start the process, such as your name and email address, nothing else.

After that, you complete your company information and give us details about your debtor and the overdue invoice. And that’s it.

From then we’ll keep track of all correspondence from your selected agency, and hopefully any payments received, until the debt is resolved one way or another.

We have personally used and/or vetted the agencies within DebtCase to ensure they are reputable UK-based companies who can guarantee to provide you with real-time updates.

Our current agencies are members of the Credit Services Association, the UK trade association for the debt collection and debt purchase industry.

DebtCase Ltd is a member of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and part of the Ignite Accelerator programme. We are what you would call a “FinTech Startup” based in Portsmouth, on the sunny south coast.

The team is a combination of seasoned developers and debt collection agents who originally built the system for our non-exec to use within his collection agency, managing over £1m worth of debt.

Check out the team biographies below for more information.

Meet the Team

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57 Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2SF

Work hours

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Are you a Collection Agency?

If you would like to know more about our cloud-based customer management system which drives the marketplace, and has helped agencies like yours increase their turnover by more than 37%, please click here to view the DebtCase CRM site.

Where do we cover?

We are based in Portsmouth and support SMEs throughout Hampshire including Aldershot, Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Bishop's Waltham, Brockenhurst, Eastleigh, Emsworth, Fareham, Farnborough, Fleet, Gosport, Havent, Lymington, Lyndhurst, New Alresford, Petersfield, Portchester, Ringwood, Romsey, Southampton, Stockbridge, Whitchurch, Whiteley and Winchester.

As well as the rest of the UK.

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